L&W – Who, What, Why

We’d much rather talk about you and your automation needs, but here’s a little background on us.

A One-Stop Shop for the Automation-First, People-Focused Workforce of tomorrow.

PASSION for intelligent automation & how it can benefit people

CURIOSITY to learn, understand & solve problems

INTEGRITY to do the right thing with respect & honesty

DETERMINATION to act responsibly & accountably for outcomes

A collection of like-minded individuals who share ambitions and goals with people we’re proud to call our colleagues.

Christian Wedlock heads up our talented, hard-working solution delivery teams, whilst Daniel Lawrence focuses on clients and their automation strategies.

One Goal…One Role…Customer Automation Success

Successfully deploying intelligent process automation by developing the essential skills to derive benefit throughout the enterprise for maximum impact and minimum fuss.

Talk to us about intelligent process automation, no BS…”Not Simply Automation, Just Automation Simply!”

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