How Ladbrokes Saved Over 11,000 Work Hours A Year

When one of the UK’s largest betting and gambling companies, Ladbrokes Coral Group, first attempted to implement RPA their efforts fell short. They had attempted to automate customer verification, payment reconciliation, and customer compliance operations, but the solution they chose was not user-friendly. They had initially tried to automate two processes but found that despite the automation, employees were manually repeating work. Additionally, the solution was difficult to implement and use, causing their operations team to quickly loose faith in the technology.

Robotic process automation (RPA) has promised in recent years to increase productivity, improve regulatory compliance, decrease costs, and reduce the risk of human error in operations.

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L&W Inspiring Employees to Embrace Robots

UK workers believe robotic process automation (RPA) will deliver better job opportunities in the future, but better understanding is required to avoid inhibiting adoption.

More than a third (34.2%) of UK workers believe that robots and automation will deliver more interesting and creative jobs for future generations, according to new research. However, the majority of employees require more education to understand the technology’s capabilities, revealing an urgent need for UK businesses to provide comprehensive training during RPA on-boarding.

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