Client Projects

Financial Services

Our clients in the financial services industry provide a broad range of highly regulated products and must meet strict financial standards ensuring oversight and transparency of business practices. This requires strong process controls with fully auditable data logs and record keeping.

Back-office processes, perhaps typically, rely on the analysis and manipulation of data using spreadsheets and the physical validation and entry of multiple data points for customer and operational purposes.

Solutions delivered by L&W for Financial Services processes cover:

  • Customer verification procedures
  • Customer transaction data verification and system updates
  • Reconciliation services
  • Payment data validation and posting

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Education Services

Our client is an international, award winning and industry leading provider of professional finance training and education services.

With several million students and members worldwide serving education and training on behalf of multiple professional bodies, their business processes and systems have to manage enormous quantities of data safely and efficiently, in delivering best-in-class services to students and sponsors.

Interactions and exchanges between students, tutors and sponsors is a critical part of the service delivery to ensure accurate, timely feedback and updates for all parties. This is where RPA was able to provide an invaluable solution, eliminating the need for manual effort to extract and transfer data and automatically create management reports and analysis.

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Online Gambling

Online Gambling has become one of the most popular and lucrative businesses of the digital age with a diverse, innovative and also highly regulated range of products and services.

These factors drive the need for well-integrated, front-to-back office, customer-focused processes with effective controls to ensure regulatory compliance, which is why Intelligent Process Automation is so ideally-suited as an enabler for digital transformation within the industry.

Lawrence & Wedlock has worked with some of the biggest and most well-known names in online gambling to automate processes across:

  • Know Your Customer
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Account Security
  • Customer Services

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Legal Practice

A number of common processes across Matter, Document, Contract and Knowledge Management show the highest potential for automation including:

  • General automated document management
  • Contract creation, drafting, review & due diligence
  • Client onboarding
  • Record-keeping and case management updates
  • Time-keeping and invoicing
  • Data Protection processing
  • eDiscovery and research
  • Chatbot legal advisor and FAQ

RPA lends itself particularly well to many legal tasks such as export control, regulation checks, and contract management, where manual effort can be significantly reduced to free-up paralegals and more experienced staff.

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Real Estate

Our clients are market leaders in the UK property management industry providing an extensive range of products and services to commercial and residential customers, through a diverse brand portfolio.

Providing excellent and efficient service to their customers whilst managing the variety of complexities involved in property transactions is of primary importance to them. Managing this successfully across the numerous brands, IT systems and thousands of employees, can be a significant challenge for any business.

RPA represented an appealing rapid solution and key enabler to connect the front and back office systems and processes, reducing manual repetitive activities whilst improving the customer experience.

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Our client is a large, diverse multinational engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in the UK with overseas operations and a portfolio of leading industry brands.

Such an extensive business is supported by an equally diverse range of IT systems and processes, which represented a clear and excellent opportunity to deploy robotic process automation to more efficiently manage the volumes of intricate transactions, for greater accuracy and reduced workload, particularly during time-critical periods.

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