Education Services

Our client is an international, award winning and industry leading provider of professional finance training and education services.

With several million students and members worldwide serving education and training on behalf of multiple professional bodies, their business processes and systems have to manage enormous quantities of data safely and efficiently, in delivering best-in-class services to students and sponsors.

Interactions and exchanges between students, tutors and sponsors is a critical part of the service delivery to ensure accurate, timely feedback and updates for all parties. This is where RPA was able to provide an invaluable solution, eliminating the need for manual effort to extract and transfer data and automatically create management reports and analysis.

The automation journey was planned to cover a wider spectrum of business functions, but with the initial focus on a number of labour intensive front-office activities that would improve customer experience and staff productivity.

The start point for the first automation was the desired outcome from the customer perspective, which was to provide the right information to customers when they really needed it. The added complexity which the business had to contend with, were the varying different customer needs and requirements, which thankfully RPA could accommodate very efficiently. The process drew data points from across a number of legacy systems, some of which were undergoing scheduled replacement and upgrade, so overall, the automation needed to be robust but agile to incorporate changing demands, which was achieved by using configurable parameters and variables, which operational users could manage and control, without needing to modify the main automation solution.