Real Estate

Our clients are market leaders in the UK property management industry providing an extensive range of products and services to commercial and residential customers, through a diverse brand portfolio.

Providing excellent and efficient service to their customers whilst managing the variety of complexities involved in property transactions is of primary importance to them. Managing this successfully across the numerous brands, systems and thousands of employees, can be a significant challenge for any business.

RPA represented an appealing rapid solution and key enabler to connect the front and back office systems and processes, reducing manual repetitive activities whilst improving the customer experience.

The use case for this client and the beginning of their RPA journey was to solve a specific pain point and automate a highly repetitive but very time-sensitive activity, which if successful would dramatically improve service delivery times and customer satisfaction.

The process design incorporated the existing requirements and data, but the solution was also significantly optimised to ensure a more responsive, automated service was possible. A major and guiding outcome for the solution were key performance indicators which the client wanted to deliver on, and these helped to inform how the automation was developed and supported, including the business continuity plans once live.

Unlike many RPA projects, the benefits and return on investment (ROI) for the solution were not driven by FTE savings, but instead by the hours freed up for front-line staff performing income generating roles and by the achievement of the key performance indicators measured by the business. The realisation of these combined proved the success of RPA as a hyper automation tool and for future scalability within the digital transformation programme.