Our client is a large, diverse multinational engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in the UK with overseas operations and a portfolio of leading industry brands.

Such an extensive business is supported by an equally diverse range of IT systems and processes, which represented a clear opportunity to deploy robotic process automation to more efficiently manage the volumes of intricate transactions, for greater accuracy and reduced workload, particularly during time-critical periods.

After an introduction to key operational staff and a preliminary review of process automation candidates, five very high-potential use cases were identified for the programme pilot, of which the top priority process agreed was customer credit notes.

This customer credit note process was manually intensive and required access and update multiple disparate systems in order to search, locate, verify and process customer credits. However, the process also followed clearly defined logical rule-bound, repeatable steps and so automating the process could deliver improved productivity, reduced errors and customer satisfaction.

The automation of the customer credit note process commenced with a detailed understanding and documentation of the steps involved and possible exceptions. The automation was then developed and tested iteratively working with the process subject matter experts, until all scenarios were operating successfully. A period of controlled deployment into the live production systems followed to ensure the automation continued to operate as designed and expected.

As with all customer solutions, the programme was completed in just a few weeks from end-to-end.