The Finance and Accounting function has always been a great driver of transformation and change, especially during hard times, when they often have to take the lead and find innovative ways to reduce not only their own costs, but to help the business follow suit. However, with most of the traditional measures already exhausted, are there any more levers left to pull? Turns out there is and it’s called Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

And this is one technology that the Finance and Accounting folks are likely to enjoy (even more than spreadsheets!). RPA can empower and enable them to drive massive process efficiency, accuracy and compliance, by automating repetitive high volume tasks, complex high effort activities, and connecting legacy systems to utilise data like never before. RPA can free Finance and Accounting from the drudgery of manual tasks to spend more time supporting their clients and business partners.

To find out more about RPA in Finance and Accounting and the art of the possible, here’s a free whitepaper from UiPath, the world’s leading RPA company –¬†RPA for F&A.

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