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RPA in Finance & Accounting

Intro to RPA for F&A

Chances are, that staff in your Finance & Accounting teams are spending far too much of their valuable time and truly feeling the pain of highly routine, repetitive and manual tasks.

Processes in F&A can benefit significantly from RPA, with noticeable reductions in manual tasks, improved productivity, accuracy and compliance, reduced close cycles and the potential to significantly improve the bottom line! Below is some key information on RPA in Finance & Accounting.

The Future of Work?

Here’s a possible, but very likely, glimpse of what a typical day in the office of the CFO could look like in the year 2035 (or potentially even sooner than this!).

You can utilise RPA in Finance & Accounting to reimagine how work works for you and your entire F&A organisation to create your workforce of tomorrow today, and build your Automated Enterprise.

In case you think this might seem a little too far-fetched and based in science fiction…the technologies to make this a reality, already exist and are in use commercially…just ask Siri or Alexa.

What our clients say about RPA

Many companies talk about being client-focused, digitally-enabled and innovative, but PayPlus are living proof of a business that actually is.

PayPlus have embraced RPA in Payroll to reimagine how work works for them and how their clients can use it to their advantage – and in the competitive world of Accounting Services, this could be a Gamechanger for those willing to embrace it to.

RPA in F&A – Further Insights & Reading

RPA in F&A, enabling your next level of Transformation

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