I Want To…

Automate My Processes

Deploy digital workers to support & augment your organisation

Our automation services and solutions can truly enable your digital transformation goals whilst delivering a triple-win and value for shareholders, employees and customers.

We support our clients to automate and optimise front or back office business processes, with the flexibility to choose where and when you want our help at any stage from design and definition to developing and testing, deployment, support or training.

We offer both “attended” and “unattended” automations plus “human-in-the-loop” hybrid solutions and commoditised reusable automation libraries to suit a greater variety of situations and challenges.

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Support My Processes

A number of factors can affect the smooth running of robotic automations so a clear process to manage them is essential, and should consider:

  • IT environment set-up
  • Bot build robustness
  • Choice of automation technologies
  • Business process selection
  • Reliability of systems being interacted with
  • Maintenance of the RPA platforms
  • Third-party systems and environments

Following best practices also helps minimise ongoing support effort and disruption.

For RPA solutions delivered via traditional project-based services, we provide flexible options for ongoing Support and Maintenance. The optimal level of support required for a solution is determined by the number and complexity of processes and the desired service level including response times and monitoring for business-critical processes.

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Train My Resources

Develop essential, practical skills to create robotic process automations.

Automation Fundamentals is a vital kick-starter enablement course, to provide wider skills and understanding, for operational and technical staff.

Process SME Citizen Developer is a no-to-low code training plan for business process users to learn how to discover and assess candidates and build simple automations.

RPA Developer Foundation is RPA platform-specific training of the essential aspects of developing and deploying RPA.

RPA Developer Advanced is RPA platform-specific training on advanced topics of developing and deploying RPA.

RPA Process Management is a practical course dedicated to digital process discovery, definition and design for RPA projects.

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Why Buy When You Can Lease

An automation programme has basically two essential ingredients: RPA Products and Resources to implement them.

Our RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) offering includes everything needed to start, scale or industrialise an automation programme:

  • RPA software (on-premise or cloud)
  • Design, build, deploy & support automations
  • Training
  • Operating & governance frameworks
  • Dashboard insights to measure and report performance

You decide how many automations to deploy and how quickly…we provide everything needed to achieve it. RPAaaS can be inclusive or exclusive of RPA software. Contact us to find out more and kick-start your RPA journey or see our latest projects for practical examples of how RPA could help you.

Build My RPA COE

How To Enable Your RPA Journey

The RPA Centre Of Expertise (COE) is designed to maximise the chances of success and ensure that a stable, scalable and robust programme of automations are continually delivering business value.

We advise our clients to carefully consider the following when embarking on building a COE:

  • Automation Programme Strategy
  • Operating Centre Model
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Operating Framework

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Buy RPA Licenses

Deploy Your Processes

In order to develop and deploy automated processes, you’ll need RPA software licenses for your chosen technology platform(s). Based on your needs and budget, we’ll recommend and source your most suitable platform and tools.

We offer a range of license and payment options, managing all licensing agreements on your behalf, then installing and setting up the software on the required environments, either on premise or via the cloud.

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