What services and solutions do we offer to support

your RPA journey?

Our services cover the entire RPA lifecycle with solutions to suit any need.

Deploy a digital workforce to augment your organisation

Process Automation can streamline your business, enable digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and reduce costs. You want the delivery to be in the best hands. Find out how Lawrence & Wedlock can look after you for the whole journey to ensure you exceed both your business goals and your return on investment.

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Why Buy When You Can Subscribe?

RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) includes everything you need to start, scale or industrialise your automation programme. You decide how many automations to deploy and how quickly. We provide everything needed to achieve it.

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The Who, How, Where & When of RPA

A successful RPA journey depends on more than clever technology, but a combination of this with the right people, properly trained to work in the right ways. This is where the RPA Centre of Expertise is important, but this is about so much more than simply recruiting a few certified developers, and encompasses the entire operating model and governance framework for the RPA programme, whether you’re starting or scaling.

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Tool Selection

In order to develop and deploy automated processes, you’ll need some RPA technology, which means selection, software and licensing.

With such a bewildering variety of vendors, products and sourcing options to choose from, we simplify the procurement process, save you time and money and recommend what’s most suitable for your organisations needs.

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Educate & Inform

Building a successful RPA journey relies more on the “how” than the “what”, and for this reason, our RPA Training Academy delivers much more than you’ll find any where else in the field of automation training.

We also understand that everybody learns differently so we offer a mix of learning formats to suit individual needs.

Our courses cover technical products, programme leadership, process and delivery management, security and infrastructure.

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Maintain & Sustain

A number of factors can affect the smooth running of automated processes, but having a clear operational strategy to manage and maintain them will avoid issues and maximise performance. Our support services can cover the needs of most, some key points to consider that impact operational support are:

  • The IT environment set-up and operational house-keeping
  • Building automations robustly to minimise breakages
  • Choosing the right (suitable) automation technologies
  • Selecting the right business processes for automation and automating them in the right way
  • The reliability of the systems the robot interacts with
  • Maintenance of the RPA platforms
  • Conducting an impact assessment and agreeing a business continuity plan
  • Operating hours and capacity

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