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Automation Training Academy

Developing the essential and practical skills required to deliver a successful automation programme

Our academy delivers truly valuable knowledge in the field of process automation, with a range of product-specific and agnostic operational courses, including:

  • Automation Fundamentals – kick-starter enablement course to provide product-agnostic, broader programme skills and understanding for operational, technical and leadership roles.
  • Business Automator – a low code training course for getting the most out of UiPath technologies, aimed squarely at the business user, to learn how to discover and assess process candidates and build simple automations.
  • Automation Developer – is our gold standard training course to become an accomplished RPA developer using UiPath. Candidates successfully completing this course will be competent in advanced RPA development and delivery techniques, including those beyond the merely technical aspects.
  • RPA Process Management – is a practical hands-on course dedicated to digital process discovery, definition and design for RPA project delivery
  • RPA Environment Architect – an intense course to develop the skills specific to designing, deploying and maintaining RPA infrastructure environments.
  • RPA Programme Director – this course not only teaches the skills necessary to run the RPA programme, but introduces how to develop a toolkit and framework that can be tailored to your organisations needs.

All of our academy courses are delivered digitally and remotely, requiring no travel or other special arrangements beyond a computer and Internet connection. Our courses include the option to incorporate a continuous learning path which our customers find beneficial for job succession, career development and technology refresher updates via our Coach Service which gives regular advice, guidance and a knowledge portal of evolving best practices.

Finally, if you’d rather we took the strain on your behalf, we can help source, select and train suitable candidates for any RPA roles through our RPA Talent Programme, in collaboration with your HR and Talent Management teams.

Contact us now to find out more and discuss options for training.

 Academy Course FAQs

Our training academy provides both technical and non-technical courses and so are aimed at everyone involved in the automation lifecycle. The course descriptions indicate who each course is primarily designed for.

Our training courses include a combination of self-led or on-demand and virtual classroom courses with a mixture of video and text-based content and practical scenarios to test knowledge. Some of our courses also include technical challenges to reinforce understanding of the practical skills learned.

All of our courses are aligned with an industry recognised automation certification, however, our academy courses deliver much more than a certificate and will prepare students for the practical application of modern process automation. Students receive recognised certificates on successful completion of courses.

Our advanced developer course requires completion of the foundation developer course or an equivalent. All other courses are aimed at students without any previous experience required.

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