Process Automation-as-a-Service

Why buy when you can subscribe

An automation programme requires basically two essential ingredients to implement: Products and Resources. When embarking on an RPA journey, you can decide whether you want to be distracted by deciding which software tools to buy and which resources to hire and train, or whether you want to focus on your business and the required outcomes.

If, like others, you prefer the latter, our RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) includes everything you need to start, scale or industrialise your automation programme:

  • RPA software (on-premise or cloud)
  • Skilled resources to design, build, test and deploy process the automations
  • Support and maintenance service to optimise and sustain operational effectiveness
  • Training academy to impart knowledge and wisdom
  • Proven operating and governance frameworks
  • Dashboard insights to measure and report performance

You decide how many automations to deploy and how quickly. We provide everything you need to achieve it. RPAaaS can also be inclusive or exclusive of RPA technology, your choice. Once simple monthly fee, no upfront costs.

Contact us to find out how RPAaaS compares for cost and value against buying software and hiring resources.