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Building your RPA Centre

The RPA Centre Of Expertise (COE) is designed to maximise success of your automation project. It ensures a stable, scalable and robust programme of automations are continually delivering business value.

We advise all of our clients on the following when building their COE:

  • Automation Programme Strategy
  • Operating Centre Model
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Governance Framework

The RPA Centre will ensure several benefits:

The COE team will be sufficiently skilled to identify and prioritise the best business processes to be automated. Considerations will include business priorities, the processes that are easiest to change, plus those which will have the best results and the optimum impact on the company and its workforce.

A dedicated team that’s experienced oversees a smooth deployment. In addition, the team will be well-equipped to pre-empt any early challenges and immediately address them.

Indepth knowledge of how to deliver an automation programme is invaluable for any organisation to maximise success and avoid failure, but this extends beyond technical and across organisational boundaries so that not only to those using and working with automation technology but also the management teams and leadership who drive the business strategy and investment.

The COE team govern the automation programme from the initial pilot through to monitoring everyday operations. This puts the COE team in an excellent position to report performance, make adjustments to limit business and workforce disruption and identify new opportunities for automation.

Automation technology is constantly evolving. The COE will ensure that your organisation keeps ahead of the game by ensuring that the processes are fully optimised with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process management, analytics and other advanced tools – ultimately leading to hyper automation.

When the COE is managing automation, it leaves the workforce free from mundane, repetitive tasks. It also gives the workforce time to be more strategic, creative and innovative – a far better use of their time.

The CoE will be in the best position to ensure your processes are fully compliant and are meeting the relevant legislation. In addition, the team will ensure that 100% accuracy of the process automation, places the business in the best position for auditing.

As an organisation grows, the business processes will undoubtedly grow. The COE would be best-placed to understand the requirements for upscaling the automation programme and ensure that it’s successfully delivered.

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