RPA Technology

Sourcing, selecting & deploying the automation technologies

Automation products have been enjoying the highest and fastest growth rates of any software sector in recent times. RPA has become synonymous of a huge range of technologies encompassing desktop and enterprise automation, cognitive automation, machine learning, OCR, image recognition, computer vision, process mining and capture, chatbots and the much overused AI.

RPA technologies are typically regarded as non-invasive – unlike traditional software, RPA orchestrates other applications via the user interface and in that sense isn’t “integrated” and the technology can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid format.

Whether RPA is being deployed simply as an effective tactical tool or as a strategic digital transformation platform, there’s an impressive option of complimentary technologies available with which to enable your objectives.

In order to develop and deploy automated processes, you’ll need software licenses for your chosen technologies. Based on your needs and budget, we can:

  • Recommend and source the most suitable for your programme
  • Procure technologies via a range of license and payment options
  • Handle the licensing and renewal agreements on your behalf
  • Instal and set-up the software within the required environments, on premise or cloud

Contact us to find out more or to arrange a demo and source the tools you need to begin your RPA journey.