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Maintain & Sustain Automations

Operational support and maintenance is key for any RPA programme, but the major factors which impact it, occur long before the solutions are live.

The considerations for support and maintenance begin in the selection of the process candidate and continue all throughout the automated solution design, development and testing, deployment control and finally in the continuity planning and operational support processes.

There will however always be some aspect of the automation solution that requires support, and the majority of these will be related to the systems and applications being interacted with or any human-in-the-loop activities.

Lawrence & Wedlock offers full support for all our automation solutions deployed, of both the RPA technology and the process solutions themselves, which the vendor product support does not cover. We also offer to support automations that have been deployed by organisations internally or via a third-party.

Our support services are available as either on-demand, quarterly or annual service agreements.

Contact us to find out more and arrange a call to discuss your needs.

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