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What is RPA? How can it help me and my organisation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that emulates the actions of a human interacting with computer systems in order to execute a business process. Just like a human, this automation utilises user interfaces to capture data and manipulate applications or screens. It interprets, triggers responses and communicates with other systems in order to work on a vast variety of repetitive, and often mundane, tasks – with 100% accuracy and compliance.

RPA enables organisational automation at a rapid pace and at a much lower entry cost because it can leverage existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems. It has been proven that RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. By enabling RPA to handle your organisation’s processes it won’t just transform and streamline the workflow, it will allow for superior scalability and flexibility. The technology seamlessly works with any system and automatically reports on progress. This operational and business predictability helps your company to strategically improve and grow.

So, it’s a win for employees, their organisations and your customers. The employees benefit from RPA working 24/7, removing repetitive, mundane tasks and relieving them from the rising pressure of work. Organisations benefit from the exceptional ROI, as employees focus on value-adding activities, that generate increased revenue or provide an improved customer experience.

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